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Puerto Rican Food…in Buffalo?

The West Side of Buffalo is known for its multiethnic makeup, which is one of the best assets the area has. I was surprised to find that there is a large Puerto Rican population on the West SIde, and that there are many restaurants and bodegas throughout the area. The restaurant I recently visited is called Niagara Cafe, where you can find authentic Puerto Rican food. There are many restaurants like this throughout the neighborhood, but I decided to check this one out first. 

As soon as I entered the restaurant it is as if I was back in NYC. The waitresses were speaking spanish fast and I was called Mami at least 5 time - “What can I get for you mami?” Boricua pride was very present. As a reggaeton song switched to salsa, one of the things I miss most about NYC occurred, people talked loudly to others. It is hard for me to explain, but us New Yorkers talk very loud and instead of walking over to someone that is across the room we yell to them. This happened many times in the restaurant reminding me of a true urban setting.

The food was delicious. I had arroz con pollo - chicken and rice - with tostones. Highly recommend checking this place out.   

525 Niagara St


…ergo sum

I just genuinely realized I’m beautiful :)

80 some days

and hopefully I will see my family. It’s been over a year, I’ll admit I miss them a little.



Proud of my friends who are doing great things,

Sometimes I’m right, sometimes

The flowers don’t matter. They were given by them whom I couldn’t try enough to care for. Yet they matter, because my ego placed them right by my door, to feed itself from them everyday. Even after they were dry and ugly, after their beauty was gone. There is a desire in me to keep corpses of things that once made me feel like someone cared for me.


History makes us all look stupid. NOt only world history, to the politicians, but personal history, to every human being. Here we are after thousands of years of myth and recorded stupidity, yet doing it all over again, like it happened for nothing, like our ancestors suffered for nothing but to guarantee our own suffering.


Have we not the power to change?